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Explore our comprehensive price list for our range of beauty services. From microblading to lip blush, we offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. Unlock your beauty potential without breaking the bank.

Sugaring & Waxing

Ombre Brows$450+195 Min
Eyebrows Retouch$250+105 Min
Yearly Touch Up$350+175 Min
Combo Brows / Combination$650+240 Min
Microblading$550+195 Min
Cover Up Old Eyebrows Tattoo$250+195 Min
Eyeliner$400+150 Min
Lips Blush / Lips Liner$500+180 Min
Lips Blush Touch Up$250+115 Min
Russian Eyelashes Master Class$1.3k360 Min
Bottom Eyeliner$250+160 Min
Combo Yearly Touch Up$350+155 Min
Eyebrows Refreshment Class$1.2k420 Min
Lip Blush Training$1.5k410 Min
PMU Models$200210 Min
Rejuvenation$60070 Min
Service Consultation$5110 Min
Student Consultation$5010 Min
Ombre Brows Training$1999+1110 Min
Cover Up Combination$750370 Min
Lips Blush Cover Up$550150 Min
New Client Lips Blush Touch Up$35010 Min
New Clients Touch Up$400+10 Min
Check Bones$45070 Min
Eyeliner Touch Up$20090 Min